Best Affiliate Programs Reviews - How to Identify a Reliable Affiliate Program by It's Signup Form

Every affiliate is*looking for a profitable and reliable Affiliate Program and you can actually save a lot of time if you learn how to distinguish them even before signing up.

On our last article we explained how to analyze any Affiliate Program Homepage in order to be able to save our precious time and avoiding bad experiences. On this article we will go over the various fields present on the Signup Forms.

The process of signing up to Affiliate Networks can consume a lot of time, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for and the signup form will help you identifying a good network. Be sure you are not asked too many details yet not too little. Signup forms can be divided into 2 groups: Automatic Approval and Revision Required but, they will basically contain the same fields.

Username: If this field is missing from a Instant Approval Form, means that the program will provide a random and automatic username which is less recommended. You don't want to find yourself trying to remember your username if your computer crashes.

Password: Sometimes but less often, the Network will provide you with a random password, same thing as above. Be sure you are able to edit this field in the future or to create one by yourself.

Email, Phone, address and IM addresses: These fields usually are mandatory. Just check that you are including only the info that can be useful for you. If the Network doesn't show a Phone number on the form or homepage you probably don't need to provide your own number, they are not likely to call you.

URL: It's usually a mandatory field. Affiliate Programs should ask this info in order to be able to check your site and understand what kind of traffic you will deliver.

Marketing methods: Any respectable program will ask you this question. If this field is missing means that all marketing methods are allowed which is not a good sign.

Own sites' content: Same as above. It's very important that your Network checks the content of your site so you can receive the proper marketing tools and support.

Preferred language: Most affiliate programs support several languages but remember that the main language will be English by default

Functional Currency: Since Affiliate Marketers are all over the globe, any respectable Affiliate network will give you the opportunity to work with several currencies but to be completely truthful some big Networks only work with US Dollars. Just check that you can work with the Networks main currencies before signing up.

Guidelines Agreement: Statistics show that only 10% of Affiliate Marketers actually read the T&C when signing up to a program, nevertheless the Affiliates Agreement must be available before submitting your application form.

Understanding the meaning and purpose of each field is necessary to identify which kind of Affiliate Programs are you about to sign up to. Networks asking only a few questions are highly suspicious while Networks asking too much, can lead to unnecessary bureaucracies in other areas as well.

Affiliate Programs That Pay

Since the primary reason why most affiliates are in business is pecuniary, there is a need for the individual marketer to find and sign up with affiliate programs that pay well. Finding such programs is not a difficult task but could make the difference between failure and success in the business of affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate programs on the internet, but not all are packaged to compensate the affiliate marketer well for their efforts. The onus therefore rests on the marketer to do their homework well before signing up with a merchant to promote the merchant's products. Never the less, it is important also to put certain variables, apart from immediate high returns into consideration before embarking on an affiliate venture. For example, an affiliate program whose commission per sale is high may be dealing on a product that is seasonal, a situation which ultimately may not be in the marketer's interest. This is because the bulk of the sales would be made during the period when there is demand for the product after which there may be little or no sales resulting in no income for the marketer. This of course is not good for business.

Generally, affiliate programs that pays high commission are those whose products have high profit margin. For instance, information products will likely have higher profit margin than physical products because the cost of production of the former is lower.

There are programs that pay a marketer once for a sale while there are those that pay recurring commission on a sale as long as the customer keeps updating their payments. Both types of programs could pay well. A marketer should weigh his options well before signing up with either. This is because sometimes, a recurring commission could build up fast and become a passive income that provides a sort of financial security even when the marketer is no longer promoting the product actively. This power of leveraging is best put in proper perspective by the marketer.

Furthermore, it is necessary to look at the merchant's antecedents particularly, how long the company has been in the business and what reviews are available about them on the internet. The importance of this cannot be over emphasized as it would not be in the marketer's interest to invest time, energy and resources in building a business and end up losing all because the affiliate program failed. This is why it is advisable to promote more than one affiliate program as this will enable the marketer to have more than one source of income.

Affiliate programs that pay well must meet these basic requirements and more before they are deemed fit for an affiliate marketer to cast his lot with them because, on the long run, everyone is in business to succeed and to do so, proper analysis of risks and benefits are necessary.